Court Clerk

The court clerk has the primary responsibility to record, file, and maintain as permanent records the proceedings of the district court.

General Information

The court clerk issues marriage licenses, process server licenses and registers minister credentials. McCurtain County District Court cases can be found at and/or at

Felony dockets are conducted on the first Monday of every month.

Protective Order and Probate dockets are conducted twice a month.

There is a monthly Civil and Domestic motion docket.

Deprived and Delinquent dockets are held monthly.

Traffic and Misdemeanor dockets are held twice monthly.

Small Claims docket is also monthly.

The Court Clerk has court files and documents commencing from the early 1900's to the current time. All court records, excluding Juvenile, Adoption and Mental Health records, are available for public inspection.

Court Clerk staff can provide informational assistance with copies of records for a nominal fee - $1.00 for the first page; $0.50 cents each page thereafter; $0.50 cents for certification of record. Copies of records may be submitted in person, by mail, or by email. Copies retrieve in person are generally available immediately, with the exception of records more than 10 years old, which may require additional research of hard-copy records in storage.

Types of Cases Filed in District Court:

  • CIVIL: Cases involving personal injury, property and contract dispute, mortgage foreclosure, property damage, eminent domain and other cases not involving crimes or criminal acts.
  • SMALL CLAIMS: Cases of a civil nature where monetary amount does not exceed $10,000 in damages.
  • PROBATE: Wills, Guardianships, Administration of Estates.
  • DOMESTIC: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
  • JUVENILE: Deprived Children, Delinquent Children
  • CRIMINAL: Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic
  • LICENSES: Marriage, Minister Credentials, Process Servers.
  • JURY SUMMONS: The Court Clerk issues 500 jury summons each year. Names of jurors are selected from the Division of Motor Vehicle Driver License Records.